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Club Cloud provides web-based software for the fitness industry. At Club Cloud we have two key products, Personal Training Cloud for PT’s and Gym Cloud. Personal Training Cloud for PTs allows personal trainers to deliver online personal training to clients without any face-to-face contact. Gym Cloud is a cloud based gym management system allowing gyms to manage the whole gym user journey with the underlying key features of online personal training.
I never thought I would get software for my gym that could do everything I need and remain simple and easy to use.
Barry Cornwell, Director of Tick Fitness
Delivering online PT with Your Lifestyle has helped me to support more people and generate more revenue using the knowledge I have gained from Personal Training.
Arron Mcculloch Freelance PT
key features
Payment Integration
Full integration into direct debit payment providers gives gym managers complete flexibility over online joining packages and special offer codes allowing members to join online with no requirement of staff time.
Access Integration
Integration into door access control systems allows gym managers to grant, freeze and cancel access to the facility. Usage data from door entry categorises all members on the cloud as either low, medium or high risk, forming the basis of the proactive retention features.

our features
All gym members will receive weekly exercise plans, nutritional plans and educational articles based on their usage level and chosen goal. Members who achieve goals will stay members for longer.
Health stats recorder
Track progress on easy to follow graphs and tables to show the success of the programme.
Online Booking
Online class and induction booking ensures a smooth member experience while freeing up your staff time to support members rather than taking bookings.
Online Chat
The online chat system allows members to stay in constant contact with their trainer asking any questions they have about any aspect of health and fitness.
Understand your members
Gym managers can exports detailed reports on all areas of the member journey from usage data to class booking data and from joiners to leavers allowing to you understand your members.
The calendar
Members will record everything they eat and all the exercise they complete to help their trainer keep track on how they are progressing and areas they can improve.

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